Be sure to stay cozy this winter with CertainTeed

Insulation Ensures Winter Home Comfort With CertainTeed Sustainable Insulation

CertainTeed_Blownin2Don’t spend another winter with chilly living spaces and hefty monthly heating bills. Now is the time to make your home more energy efficient for the cold weather ahead. Start by sealing drafty windows and doors with caulking and weather-stripping. Then check your insulation to ensure it meets the recommended R-value or thermal value for your region. Unheated garages, basements and attics allow heat to escape if not sufficiently insulated.

Heat rises, so start at the top. If you can see the tops of the ceiling joists when you look in your attic, then it is wise to add more insulation. Blown-in loose insulation is the best choice for attics because it fills many hard-to-reach spaces and provides excellent protection from air leakage. Loose insulation such as CertainTeed TrueComfort® or InsulSafe XC help to prevent warm air from rising to the roof and creating ice accumulations along eaves and gutters that can cause roof damage. Alternately, you can place fibre glass batts sideways over existing insulation to increase thermal performance.

CertainTeed_VapourB2If you’re adding batt insulation to the walls of your home, vapour barriers are essential. CertainTeed’s innovative MemBrain™ Continuous Air Barrier and Smart Vapour Retarder ensures that moisture will never be an issue. It is designed to help wall cavities breathe and stay dry by allowing the dampness to escape. In the winter, it adapts to humidity levels to prevent vapour from entering the all cavity, and in summer, it prevents moisture buildup to avoid mould issues, structural damage and health problems.

CertainTeed fibre glass insulation products are engineered, produced and shipped with a commitment to minimizing environmental impact and improving energy savings. All CertainTeed insulation products improve building energy efficiency, helping to lower energy costs throughout the life of the structure. Sustainable Batt Insulation acts as both thermal and acoustical insulation and is ideal for floors, walls and ceilings in residential, commercial, and institutional settings.



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