Autumn is here and winter is just around the corner…

Don’t wait until it’s too late!

As the temperature begins to drop, bills can pile up faster than the leaves – especially if you’re relying on fuel with unstable prices. Start the process now, and make this winter warmer (and cheaper) with a brand new heat pump.

Visit  for a list of heat pump contractors across Nova Scotia.

Save Money

Heat pumps are ultra-efficient – not only will you be more comfortable, but they’ll save you money during those cold winters months compared to traditional heating systems. And as a consistent and reliable heat source, you’ll avoid any surprises on your home heating bill.

 Stay Warm

Stop thinking about your thermostat, and be comfortable year- round with a heat pump. Owning a heat pump makes your life simpler because it’s an efficient, easy-to-use system, and easy to maintain no matter the season.

Stay Healthy

A heat pump does much more than just heat and cool. It cleans your home’s air, keeping dust and dirt away so you and your family can breathe easy

Pick the right Contractor

Make sure to “Ask for the Card” so you can be sure your contractor installs your system right. Just look for the red seal and their title on their certification ID card.

Nova Scotia Power

Nova Scotia Power

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