Windows and Doors

For homeowners, windows and doors should not be an afterthought,” says President of Revolution Windows and Doors, Bob Wood. “Especially if they are planning on staying in their home for years to come.”

“There is a lot more that goes into it selecting a window and door, because for the average homeowner, they’re not typically going to change them out more than once,” says Wood. “So it’s very important for the homeowner to know and have a say in what they’re getting.”

For example, Wood suggests that homeowners conscious of our maritime climate might invest in such materials as stainless steel exterior hardware on casement windows. Triple-glazed windows are a popular choice for those concerned with energy efficiency. Or for those looking for a higher-end window that will maintain its colour over time, wood aluminium clad windows are a fashionable choice.

“One of the big trends in the last five years has been decorative glass kits with sidelites going into coloured doors,” adds Wood. “It creates curb appeal and a lot of real estate agents will tell you that the best money you can spend is in a new entry system on a house.”

If you want to ask anything about windows and doors, Wood invites you to stop by Revolution’s home show booth, where you can also check out some of their products, like the Laflamme line. “We like to make sure the customer fully understands what they’re getting, we want to answer all of their questions and take out any guesswork of the entire process,” he says.

Nova Doors and Windows will also be at the Real Home Show this year. As the only window manufacturer in HRM, and one of only four in the province, the company takes pride in their product, says President Darren McDonald. He notices that now customers are equally keen about quality.

“We went through a period of time where people we’re chasing the price of products,” says McDonald. “But now we’ve noticed in the last year to year-and-a-half, people are starting to touch and feel the product prior to making a purchasing decision. They’re realizing sometimes it’s not all about the rock bottom price, that there are differences in windows and doors that need consideration.”

At the Home Show, stop by the Nova Doors and Windows booth to learn about their diverse product offerings as well as their installation services. “Our full sales staff will be here over the weekend to answer any questions you might have or to book any in-house, free estimates you want to have done, McDonald says. “Or if you want someone to pop over to your home and take a look and give you an opinion, we also do that complimentary.”

Michelle Brunet

Michelle Brunet

Michelle Brunet is a freelance writer based in her hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia. She has had the pleasure of contributing to various publications and websites, including Celtic Life International, Halifax Magazine, The Coast, Bedford Magazine, Resources Quarterly, Atlantic Books Today, up! magazine and My Destination Nova Scotia