Today more than ever there seems to be a flooring option for every lifestyle. And you’ll probably find most of them at The Real Home Show.

“There are a lot of new flooring products that are perfect for any scenario in your household – whether or not you have kids, if the home needs to be wheelchair accessible, if there are pets, whether it’s a high traffic area or …” says Jay Clarke, store manager at Wacky’s Flooring. “There are a lot of options out there that people should consider, and they just need to be aware of them.”

Depending on if you are building or renovating, Clarke says it is important to talk to a flooring professional who can advise you on what products will sustain your particular household and be able to present new options for consideration.

The team at Wacky’s Flooring will be at the Real Home Show offering specials on their wide range of products, as well as showcasing a unique product line.

“We’re going to be displaying our exclusive HGTV line,” says Clarke. “It’s put out and produced by Shaw and includes everything from carpet and hardwood to laminate and luxury vinyl.”

Home Show offering home show specials and showcasing many of the options they provide. Those who visit their booth can learn about the quality and performance of products available and popular today, as well as about Vintage Flooring’s range of services.

“We’ll have various stair components, examples of how to customize and match staircases to floors, and all types of flooring including luxury vinyl, cork, laminate, carpet (which is much better for air quality than it used to be) ceramic tile, and of course hardwood,” says Vintage’s owner, Darrell Cooke.

For homeowners with existing hardwood floors who are seeking options other than how to replace them, Vintage Flooring also refinishes floors for those looking for an updated aesthetic look. “A lot of people have old birch or oak floors that are yellow or amber in colour, but the more popular colours today are mediums browns and greys,” says Cooke. “So we can refinish floors and change their colour at the same time.”

Cooke recommends homeowners learn all they can before making a flooring purchase. “Rather than buying a product because it’s on sale, you really need to take your time because it’s a big ticket item,” says Cooke. “If you do your research and buy a good quality product, you’ll be happy with your floors for a long, long time.”

Michelle Brunet

Michelle Brunet

Michelle Brunet is a freelance writer based in her hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia. She has had the pleasure of contributing to various publications and websites, including Celtic Life International, Halifax Magazine, The Coast, Bedford Magazine, Resources Quarterly, Atlantic Books Today, up! magazine and My Destination Nova Scotia