Homeowners renovate their bath- rooms for numerous reasons: to match current trends, keep up with a growing family, update before putting a home on the market, or even to accommodate an aging occupant.

Chris Bowie, who co-owns Beautiful Baths Renovations with his wife Tori, has been remodelling bathrooms for 20 years. His qualified team has completed a vast portfolio of renovations meeting a variety of tastes and needs.

“We find that many people are using more colourful products now,” Bowie says. “A big trend is to make things look more luxurious – a lot of granite and marble-like products. Groutless, easy- to-clean, stone impression shower walls have become very popular in a variety of colours such as travertine. We are also doing a lot of acrylic simulated tiles (also groutless) that are available in about 20 popular colours.”

Bowie adds they are frequently converting bathtubs to either walk-in showers or walk-in bathtubs to make them more accessible for those with limited mobility. Beautiful Baths will be showcasing some accessible showers at the Real Home Show.

Lee Castle of Lee Castle Plumbing Ltd., certified in both plumbing and heating with 40 years in the business, also completes a lot of new and upgraded bathroom projects. In fact, bathroom renovations are one of his specialties.

“Every bathroom is different,” Castle says. “We can design a bathroom in variety of layouts and styles. People often have preferences or ideas for what they want to have, but a professional can go into a room and help provide advice on the best way to lay it out.”

While professional installers like Bowie and Castle will be able to help with suggestions on how to turn your bathroom dreams into reality, suppliers and retailers will be on hand to provide inspiration for your new or upgraded bathroom. For example, Better Baths will be showcasing numerous pieces like vanities, toilets and faucets, as well as some interesting new items for kitchen projects, too.

As Better Baths’ Showroom Consultant, Tamara Stein is in touch with what clients want in their bathrooms. “We are still seeing the trend towards chrome as a faucet finish versus brushed nickel and contemporary fixtures with very

clean lines versus the traditional style,” she describes as examples. “Freestanding tubs with large showers are very popular as well.”

Whether you are considering renovating one or all of your bathrooms, or planning for your new home, come to the Real Home Show armed with your questions to ask the experts as you take in their displays of products and designs.

Michelle Brunet

Michelle Brunet

Michelle Brunet is a freelance writer based in her hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia. She has had the pleasure of contributing to various publications and websites, including Celtic Life International, Halifax Magazine, The Coast, Bedford Magazine, Resources Quarterly, Atlantic Books Today, up! magazine and My Destination Nova Scotia