Taking the mystery out of home heating

A Perfect Autumn Upgrade…

Fall is the perfect time to start thinking about home upgrades that will help you ease into the winter months. As the cooler weather approaches, many Nova Scotians are trying to find ways to manage the rising costs of home heating.

“Our oil furnace was on its last legs,” says Holly Fraughton of Dartmouth.“We were spending a lot of money on oil and the house was often pretty uncomfortably cold, especially on winter days.”

It’s a situation many Nova Scotians find themselves in says Ian Henman of Sunshine Renewables. “We find our customers think a lot about how they’re going to heat – and pay to heat – their homes over the winter. Heat pump technology has changed that for a lot of families in Nova Scotia,” says Ian.

“Now that we have a heat pump, we won’t be changing back to oil,” says Holly. “It’s cleaner, quieter and has definitely cut down on our heating bills. The installation was easy too. Sunshine Renewables did an amazing job. We had considered a hot water baseboard system, but our mini split heat pump was so much simpler. It actually only took a few hours to install, it was great.”

Sunshine Renewables helps their customers find the most affordable, reliable and innovative renewable energy solutions, and heat pumps are the perfect example according to Ian. “With so many options to choose from, they can be the right fit for almost every home,” says Ian. “If you’re looking to do some home renovations this year, upgrading to a heat pump could be right for you.”

“I still wait at night to hear the loud furnace kick in, and I nev- er do. It’s awesome,” says Holly. “The best part is that it’s really been cost effective. We couldn’t be happier with our choice to switch to a heat pump.”

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