Stanley High Velocity Hammers

Whether you’re a professional looking for performance and durability or a DIYer wanting accuracy and a multi-layer comfort grip, STANLEY’s new FatMax High Velocity Hammers deliver it all. Curved shafts increase hammer strength, redesigned claws for improved nail pulling and magnetic nail starters provide convenient one-handed nail placement. Full line include two 14-ounce hammers, two 12-ounce hammers and a new 12-ounce drywall hammer. The 14-ounce checkered faced model 51-124 and 14-ounce smooth faced model XTHT51147 High Velocity Hammers strike like 28-ounce hammers but because they’re lightweight, they provide a fast swing which helps to reduce fatigue. Use the smooth face hammer to avoid mar- ring wood and the checkered face hammer to help reduce slipping when driving nails. Available for $79.99 at home improvement stores across Canada.

Our Editorial Staff

Our Editorial Staff

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