Energy-efficient new home construction tips

Minimizing your home heating with Certified Passive House Design

There is a new trend in energy efficient new home construction which allows a home to be built with almost no heating system at all – It’s called Passive House design.

Passive House is a German building standard that reduces home heating requirements to near-zero levels using design elements like superinsulation, air-tight construction, and by ensuring the physical design, layout, and construction minimizes heat loss. The Passive House approach can reduce a typical home’s heating bill to less than $500/year.

There are currently three Certified Passive House Designers or Consultants in Nova Scotia – an internationally-recognized standard of energy efficient building design. Those looking to build to the Passive House standard can also take advantage of Efficiency Nova Scotia’s rebates through the New Home Construction program.

We also help homeowners and builders make better, more efficient, design choices for traditional new homes as well. Contact Efficiency Nova Scotia before you start. We can help answer your questions and help to maximize your savings.

The New Home Construction Program also offers incentives to reduce the cost of implementing energy efficiency measures. With a subsidized cost of $300 for the energy advisor’s services you’ll be saving money as soon as you start. Secondly, if the Home reaches ENERGY STAR certification or better, you will get your $300 back. And if the home is projected to consume less than 19,000 kWh per year, you will be eligible for a $1,500 rebate. To put that into perspective, the average household in Nova Scotia consumes 32,000 kWh annually. That’s saving over $1,800 year after year.

Beyond these financial incentives, building a home that uses energy better means you have a more comfortable home. High levels of insulation, proper air sealing, and quality components like windows and doors make for more even and comfortable temperatures. On top of that, the ENERGY STAR label is recognized across North America as being on the forefront of energy efficiency which will help your home retain its value

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