Taking the mystery out of home heating

To many of us, heating our homes can seem like a mystery…

It’s not always easy to understand how our furnaces and baseboards work. Many Nova Scotians are facing a similar challenge: How do I stay warm and comfortable but keep my home heating bills affordable?

One teacher in Cape Breton has solved her mystery: She purchased a home with a heat pump.

“I always know what’s going on with it,” said Sandra Leblanc. “What heats my home isn’t a big mystery. And my bills are never a surprise anymore.”

“When I was shopping for my house in Sydney, I did a lot of research. When I learned more about heat pumps, it really seemed like the right fit.” Sandra’s heat pump means her home is energy efficient and easy for her to take care of.

Jim Wilkie of J. Wilkie Mechanical Inc. has been installing heat pumps for over 25 years. And while heat pumps have been around for decades, they are growing in popularity in the Maritimes. “We’re selling more and more of these units,” said Jim. “People want
convenience, and there’s virtually no hassle with a heat pump. And many people save a bundle on their heating costs.”

Heat pumps capture cold air from outside and transform it into heat for your home, and according to Jim, they are one of the most efficient and effective ways keep your house warm. They provide even, steady heat in the winter and cooling in the summer.

Increasing oils costs continue to impact Nova Scotians, including Sandra and her family. “I’m a single mom, with a son and two teenage Screaming Eagles players staying with me. I need something that’s cost effective and comfortable. Having a heat pump means I don’t need to worry about my boys turning up the heat. It’s an excellent choice for my lifestyle.”

How does a Heat Pump work?

Heat pumps work by absorbing natural warmth from the outside air and gently distributing it throughout your home. When you choose an ENERGY STAR rated model you can expect it to work as low as -20 degrees Celsius outside (and beyond, depending on your make and model). When outside temperatures dip below that level, then and only then, does your other fuel system kick in. You’ll get a more natural, even and cozy heat and save money on oil or electric costs.

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