Energy-efficient new home construction tips

Springtime is a good time to start building your new dream home…

Efficiency Nova ScotiaBefore you start, Efficiency Nova Scotia has a service that can help you save. The New Home Construction Program helps home-owners and builders make better –more efficient- design choices when building a new home. Not sure what type of insu- lation is best? How to heat your hot water? What about appli- ances and lighting? Contact Efficiency Nova Scotia before you start. We can help answer your questions and help to maximize your savings.

Before construction even begins, your home plans will be evaluated by a qualified energy advisor. Recommendations are then made to help your home reach ENERGY STAR® certification or better. An ENERGY STAR® qualified new home is on average 20 percent more energy efficient than a home built to code. These homes present a practical choice for homeowners look- ing for a new home that is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Early consultation is key; opportunities for improve- ment are identified along with their potential savings. This gives you the information you need to make informed decisions about investing in home energy efficiency.

The New Home Construction Program also offers incentives to reduce the cost of implementing energy efficiency measures. With a subsidized cost of $300 for the energy advisor’s services you’ll be saving money as soon as you start. Secondly, if the Home reaches ENERGY STAR certification or better, you will get your $300 back. And if the home is projected to consume less than 19,000 kWh per year, you will be eligible for a $1,500 rebate. To put that into perspective, the average household in Nova Scotia consumes 32,000 kWh annually. That’s saving over $1,800 year after year.

Beyond these financial incentives, building a home that uses energy better means you have a more comfortable home. High levels of insulation, proper air sealing, and quality components like windows and doors make for more even and comfortable temperatures. On top of that, the ENERGY STAR label is recognized across North America as being on the forefront of energy efficiency which will help your home retain its value

If you are building a new home, contact Efficiency Nova Scotia at 1-877-999-6035 or visit

Efficency Nova Scotia

Efficency Nova Scotia

Efficiency Nova ScotiaSaving energy – and energy savings – for Nova Scotians. We can’t control the price of energy, but we can all take steps to use less of it. That’s what Efficiency Nova Scotia is all about.

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