SURETOUCH™ Cladding System

The fruit of many years of research, the SURETOUCH cladding system offers concrete advantages, in addition to all the benefits of stone and brick. Besides enhancing your home’s visual
appeal, SURETOUCH adds considerable heat and sound insulation with a rating of R-13.5, all at a very reasonable price. SURETOUCH offers you a choice of four Collections: two natural-look concrete stone, one clay brick and one concrete brick. Ideal for both new construction and renovation projects, the system forms a unit with the wall and structure
of the building on which it is installed.

It consists of 4 elements:
1)Polystyrene Panel with drainage channels and installation pattern;
2) Anchors and Screws;
3) Stones and Bricks (perfectly fitted 10 stone, 5 concrete brick or a singular clay brick patterns);
4) Specially developed SURETOUCH Mortar. All elements are fully recyclable.

Available locally at Bergman Concrete Products. or

Our Editorial Staff

Our Editorial Staff

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