October is Renovation Month

Don’t get ripped off! Protect yourself with the facts!

You know when your heat starts coming on in the morning, that summer is finally over. And with the chill of Autumn in the air, it’s time to start looking forward to the months ahead. What better time than now, to start thinking about renovations for your home?

October is recognized across the country as Renovation Month and the Nova Scotia Home Builders’ Association (NSHBA) wants to make sure consumers are equipped with as much information as possible to help make sure their renovations will be a great success. One way in particular the NSHBA does this is by hosting a series of Consumer Protection Sessions that will answer a number of renovation questions and allow consumer to better make informed decisions about their renovations.

“If you have the right information, ask the right questions and prepare yourself with the facts you are on the right track for a successful renovation,” says Paul Pettipas, NSHBA chief executive officer. “The more information you have when planning for your renovation, the more prepared you are, which allows for a greater chance for a positive experience from the start of your renovation to the end – the devil really is in the details when it comes to renovations.”

Pettipas adds that making the decision to renovate is really just the first decision in a series of decisions that homeowners will make throughout the renovation process.

With this in mind, the Consumer Protection Sessions are a useful tool to help homeowners answer questions such as how to hire a contractor, how to safely plan for your renovation, what energy efficiency components will help provide you with energy savings, decorating and renovation trends, the key in choosing windows, doors and heating systems, everything you need to get your renovation project off to a good start, including a session on deck construction and maintenance.

The Consumer Protection Sessions are taking place across the province and are offered at no charge to homeowners. All participants need to do is pre-register for the session taking place in their area and they will receive a useful toolkit of resource material to help them with their renovation, and they will also have the opportunity to listen and ask questions of the experts in the industry on various renovation issues.

Renovation Month is presented by the Nova Scotia Home Builders’ Association, in partnership with Efficiency Nova Scotia Corporation, Nova Scotia Power Inc., Bell Aliant and the Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association. To register for the seminar in your area phone 450-5554 / 1-800-668-2001 or email sgrant@nshba.ns.ca and indicate the seminar you will be attending.

Sherry Donovan

Sherry Donovan

Sherry Donovan is Communications Director for the Nova Scotia Home Builders' Association. She is a regular contributer to various local media and currently has columns appearing in Halifax Metro News and The Chronicle Herald's Homesetc publication.