Keeping it Cool with a Heat Pump

Clean, efficient home heating is something on the mind of many Nova Scotians during the winter months. But now that spring has finally sprung, it’s time to start thinking about how to keep our homes cool and comfortable in the summer months ahead.

“We were in a situation I know many people face,” said Norma of Annapolis Royal. “We bought a house last year and learned we needed to replace the furnace. We looked into getting a new oil furnace, but settled on a heat pump pretty quickly because it means we’re comfortable year-round.”

Heat pumps are perfect for Nova Scotian weather, according to David Birtles of Rhyno’s Ltd. “Our winters can be long, and the temperatures can jump around a lot,” said Birtles. “And our summers can be humid and sticky, making air conditioning a welcome relief.” A heat pump takes cold air from outside and transforms it into steady and even heat for your home. In the summer, it acts in reverse – taking the heat and humidity out of your home, and leaving you with cool, comfortable temperatures indoors.

“Only needing to install one system for both heating and air conditioning was a huge bonus, especially since the Valley does get really humid in the summer,” said Norma. “I love that it dehumidifies my home, and on those muggy, hot days in the summer, we’re very grateful to turn it on.”

Rhyno’s Ltd. in Bridgewater has been installing and servicing heat pumps for years, and says that they’re a great option for homes with existing duct systems. “They’re simple to install since they can use the duct work that’s in the home already, and our customers love that they get heating and cooling with one easy system,” said Birtles.

“I really think more people should look into getting one,” said Norma. “They just make sense. They’re perfect for our winters and summers here in Nova Scotia, and they’re efficient and reliable. Plus we’ll save money, it’s great.”

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