Don’t risk it. Hire a Professional

Does it surprise you that in Nova Scotia you need a license to cut a person’s hair, but not to build a home?

Nova Scotia Home Builders' AssociationWell, this is exactly the case in Nova Scotia and the members of the Nova Scotia Home Builders’ Association (NSHBA) want to be able to provide homeowners with an option to choose a professional – someone who has the necessary training to provide valuable insights on building science and who can best understand the needs of their family and how to incorporate that into a place they can call home.

One way to help provide this is through voluntary certification programs, such as the NSHBA’s Certified Residential Builder and RenoMark programs. Certification under these programs requires members to take a series of training and continuing education courses, providing them with information on industry trends and programs and enhanced knowledge of building science.

This training, coupled with specific warranty requirements, a code of ethics and professional work standards, establishes them as professionals in the industry.

“The NSHBA’s certification programs help raise the bar for professionalism in this industry and allow homeowners to start their projects with a greater understanding of what a true professional can bring to the project,” says Paul Pettipas, NSHBA chief executive officer.

“Even without the existence of provincial licensing, this allows the Association to provide options for companies to stand out among the many and show their commitment to excellence.”

Pettipas adds that hiring a professional can save you considerable time, stress and headaches.

In saying this, make sure you feel comfortable talking with the contractor, ask for references and verify they have workers’ compensation coverage and liability insurance. Even more important – get everything in writing.

Your next project – whether it be a small renovation, a major addition, or a brand new home – should be one you can look back on and smile with pleasure that you took the time to do it right the first time.

For more information on the Certified Residential Builder and RenoMark programs, visit

Sherry Donovan

Sherry Donovan

Sherry Donovan is Communications Director for the Nova Scotia Home Builders' Association. She is a regular contributer to various local media and currently has columns appearing in Halifax Metro News and The Chronicle Herald's Homesetc publication.

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