Steffes Heating Systems

Steffes Heating SystemsGet the “Off-Peak Advantage!”
Electricity is more expensive during the day – when we use a lot of it. Dishwashers, washers and dryers, computers, blow dryers… it’s a long list. Power companies charge lower rates during the night when less electricity is used. These lower rates are called “off-peak rates.”

The Steffes System makes it easy for you to get the Off-Peak Advantage! (click off-peak advantage and it takes you to calculator). You take advantage of the discounted off-peak rates. The electricity is converted to heat. The heat is stored in specially designed ceramic bricks inside the Steffes Heating System.

When heat is needed, day or night, the stored heat is automatically released into your home. Homeowners receive comfortable, even room temperatures, from floor to ceiling. It’s very quiet, and can provide enough heat for a home of any size.

The advantages continue! With a Steffes Heating System, you never need to worry about:

  • Purchasing propane, gas, or other fuel
  • Having a combustible fuel in your home
  • Buying and maintaining a fuel tank
  • Damage to the environment from a deficient tank or a fuel spill
  • Heat lost through the chimney.
  • Save Money while You Sleep!
    You cut your heating costs by purchasing low cost “off-peak rate” electricity and storing it as heat. While you are sound asleep, your Steffes Heating System is working away – converting electricity to heat and storing it in the specially designed ceramic bricks. The stored heat is released whenever you need. You save money because a Steffes Heating System has the ability to store heat to be used later – not like old-fashioned systems that don’t have a heat storage feature.

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