What floor are you on?

When it comes to picking the right flooring for your home there is certainly no shortage of options. Cork, luxury vinyl tile, ceramic, engineered hardwood, and the list goes on.

Finding the right option for the right space is all about understanding how products stack up and know one knows that better than Nova Scotia’s flooring pros.

“Cork is still a hugely popular product,“ says Jay Clarke, store manager at Wacky’s Flooring. “The real benefits are definitely the warmth, comfort and durability.”

Peter Macdonald from Vintage Hardwood Flooring agrees, “the quality of cork has come a long way over the years and people really like the ease of installation as well as the new variations and colours available today.”

The big up and coming flooring trend this year is luxury vinyl tile. Depending on the desired look, it can mimic the appearance of a ceramic tile, hardwood and even stone.

“It gives off an extremely realistic look and can be put together easily,“ says Clarke. “Perfect for a DIY project. It also comes in a huge variety of styles and does not have the hardness or coolness when compared to ceramic for example.”

With all that in mind, sometimes nothing beats the feeling of real wood or a solid ceramic. But there is no lack of innovation here either. Homeowners can expect to see new options in engineered hardwood – a real wood option that provides larger, more stylish boards.

“Right now a lot of people like the four to five inch wide boards,” says Clarke. “It’s also designed to combat cupping and splitting so it works well in our dry climate. Perfect for in-floor heat.”

There are also some great options and trends for ceramic tiles this year. Many include designs with larger than usual tiles.

Floors Plus carries a wide variety of ceramic, porcelain and other stone tiles. There is even a new line from Spain that offers some beautiful designs.

“It’s a tremendous product,” says Buddy Lewis, Branch Manager for Floors Plus in Burnside. “The quality is incredible and they come in a wide range of colours and finishes.”

And finally for carpet, things are looking short this year – really short.

“A lot of people enjoy the frieze style carpets” says Clarke. “ The style works great for bedrooms and the carpets are very comfortable and easy to clean.”

So it’s clear that there is a lot of choice when it comes to flooring and no shortage of innovation. Homeowners looking to attend the Real Home Show this year will surely find benefit in a quick chat with a flooring expert and an up-close look at all the options.


Mari Suyama

Mari Suyama

With a degree in Journalism and Spanish from the University of King’s College, Mari has turned her passion for writing, languages and travel into a career she loves. Diving into the world of freelance after university, she moved to Latin America