The bright idea behind LED bulbs

The off coloured LED spiral light bulbs we used to know are long gone. The energy saving solution that used to cost a fortune but saved a fortune is now competitively priced and redesigned to save even more money and energy than ever before.

“LED has really come a long way,” says Chris MacQuarrie, Certified Lighting Consultant at Atlantic Lighting Studio. “Five years ago the quality wasn’t there and the colour temperature was inconsistent. Now, there is very good light output for a small wattage and beautiful fixture designs for LED.”

The quality, consistency and aesthetics have significantly improved. And with Nova Scotia now offering generous rebates for LED lighting, the price to switch has never been so affordable. Not to mention the savings on your power bill.

For example, in a 3,200 square foot home, with incandescent light bulbs, the usage would be estimated at 3,000 watts. The same home using LED light bulbs would draw only 400 watts

For saving money down the road, LED is the obvious choice. When it comes to choosing the fixture, the variety is overwhelmingly large.

Some statement making fixtures that are stepping into the limelight this year are chandeliers with elegant wood arms and the colour turquoise being used in fixtures like the new Nuvo Lighting Raindrop Collection.

MacQuarrie is also seeing stained glass being reintroduced to the market but with a more contemporary feel. Home lighting is no longer just about the lighting fixture, a new style all together is focusing the attention on the light bulb. The retro look that calls for the exposed-filament bulb is showcasing the bulb for its different shape, clarity of the glass and the glow it gives off.

“For years we were trying to hide the light bulb,” says MacQuarrie. “Now it’s become the focus of some fixtures and it’s a hot look. Just the shape of the glass give it a whole new effect and when paired with a bronze metal fixture, you stick with the historic look or when paired with a chrome fixture you get contemporary.”

From historic retro to chrome contemporary, style is and always will be the top priority for the majority of homeowners when choosing lighting for the home. And the new generation of LED light bulbs is keeping up with the trends in fixture design while offering consumers a price point that is making the popularity of incandescent light bulbs quickly fade.

So whether it’s style or functionality you’re after, take advantage of an energy efficient LED option and start saving watts and dollars.


Mari Suyama

Mari Suyama

With a degree in Journalism and Spanish from the University of King’s College, Mari has turned her passion for writing, languages and travel into a career she loves. Diving into the world of freelance after university, she moved to Latin America