Solutions for moving and storage

Building a new home or renovating an existing home should be an exciting time for the family. But so often does that momentous occasion become tainted with the burden of packing, moving and reorganizing. The stress can be overwhelming and take away from the important decisions that need to be made in the building process.

Enter the on-site maintenance, moving and storage alternative. Rob O’Brien, Owner of PODS Halifax, explains that response to this unique transportable storage container option has been fantastic and homeowners’ moving and renovation experiences have been changed for the better.

Homeowners can rent the containers in three sizes; 7’ typically stores one room, 12’ stores two to three rooms and the 16’ stores three to four rooms. Made of steel and aluminum, the durable container can be left outside in the driveway or parking lot while construction is taking place. The roof is a translucent polymer that allows sunlight in, giving the homeowner natural light to move boxes, read labels and locate items.

“It’s all about convenience,” says O’Brien. “PODS containers can be rented short-term or long-term and they sit flat on site so they can be packed and delivered to any location flat without disturbing the contents.”

This is possible with a patented hydraulic lift system to transport the containers level – a feature that protects the contents and allow the homeowner to pack breakables.

Having the extra space to store furniture during a renovation can make a world of difference. With 24 hour access to the container on site helps ease the inconvenience of living on a job site. They can also be used to supplement space when selling or staging a home.

“Onsite storage can help relieve your home of clutter during the selling of a house,” says O’Brien. “allowing the potential buyers to better visualize the usable space.”

“Customers love it,” says O’Brien. “It’s changing the way we move.”


Mari Suyama

Mari Suyama

With a degree in Journalism and Spanish from the University of King’s College, Mari has turned her passion for writing, languages and travel into a career she loves. Diving into the world of freelance after university, she moved to Latin America