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The sky’s the limit when it comes to building and renovation products – and today’s homeowners can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the decisions they need to make.

Mike Connors, owner of Capstone Building Products, says most homeowners sort through the endless options by focusing on three common factors. They want building products that are energy-efficient, maintenance-free, and come in a variety of unique colours and styles.

“Many consumers are building smaller, more efficient houses – focusing on heating and energy consumption,” says Connors. “And more renovations are now being carried out with the main driving force of making their homes energy efficient.”

He has noticed that homeowners are often more educated on window performance than they were in previous years, thanks to the CSA Window standards – which are available online for the general public. These standards help to guide a homeowner’s decision by drawing their attention to a window’s water tightness, air tightness, condensation resistance, wind load resistance, forced entry resistance, screen strength, ease of operation, and energy rating.

“Window ratings are available for all windows, and consumers are able to request the performance rating of any window before making a window purchase,” says Connors.

In order to make sure a home reflects a homeowner’s personal taste, Connors says there is an increasing demand for more colour and style in building products. Choosing a roof to keep over your head has never been such a personalized process, as homeowners want to make a statement with high-definition laminate shingles and a more dramatic layout.

“The days of the plain, low-pitched roofs are a thing of the past,” says Connors. “Today’s roofs have many peaks and valleys, with steeper pitches – and consumers are seeing more choices of bold, vibrant colours that provide greater contrast and deeper dimension.

Many homeowners are also opting for limited lifetime warranties, to ensure their roof will be protected from whatever weather Mother Nature throws their way.

Connors says prefinished fiber cement and wood siding products are becoming very popular exterior siding choices, since people tend to be building smaller homes and “dressing them up” more.

“They like having the ability to choose custom colours, and the colours are factory-applied for maximum consistency and performance,” says Connors. “The trend we’re seeing is dark, rich colours with contrasting trim accessories – which can definitely create exceptional curb appeal.”

Connors says consumer knowledge is at an all-time high, as homeowners scour the internet and consult with professionals for information on building materials before making any decisions.

If you’re in the process of choosing materials for building or renovating, Connors says it’s all a matter of doing your research, consulting with professionals, deciding what appeals to you and your family.

For more information on quality building products, begin your research with the Nova Scotia Home Builders’ Association to view their member directory of qualified retailers, manufacturers and installers.

Visit nshomebuilders.ca or call (902) 450-5554.

Heather Laura Clarke

Heather Laura Clarke

Heather Laura Clarke is a freelance journalist whose work regularly appears in many Atlantic Canadian newspapers and magazines, including The Chronicle Herald, Metro, Hub Now, Business Voice, Dugger's, Progress, East Coast Living, Bedford Magazine, and Southender Magazine. She also has several corporate clients.