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We live in a world where the newspaper is read on a tablet, our emails are answered on a smartphone, and now our lights can be turned off via handheld devices. Our lives are becoming more dependent on technology and the wireless solutions are offering much more than just convenience – they are offering us a new lifestyle.

Companies such as uberHome Technology Integration customize their electronic systems for each home. The uberHome team of home technology professionals connects home theatres, lighting, heating and cooling systems, security systems and more on a central control system which can be accessed from anywhere at anytime.

With the cultural shift to go wireless and be connected 24/7, home automation is gaining popularity among major service providers across Canada. Locally, Bell Aliant will be launching their version of intelligent home automation within the year.

The Bell Aliant service is branded as NextGen Home Security and is a fully digital Internet-based home security and automation system. NextGen will allow the homeowner to monitor and control the home’s lights, appliances, security system, heating and cooling and sound system via smartphone, PC or tablet.

“Bell Aliant will start offering more than TV, Internet and phone,” says Paul Gaetz, Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) for Bell Aliant. “NextGen will run through the network and the homeowner will not be required to own or manage a physical component.”

Gaetz explains that if a break in occurs, a 15 second video clip of the intruder will be sent directly to the family. Instant notification and wireless technology will be the difference between the old systems and the new generation of home monitoring and home automation.

With the coming launch of NextGen, home automation will be made available to a wider audience and at a competitive rate. The peace of mind and flexibility that wireless home automation and security systems offer is revolutionizing the way families live. The ability to check on a pet or arm the alarm system at any point in the day makes life easier in a way we didn’t think possible.

However, automation such as this relies on more than your basic home wiring. In order to accommodate this level of technology, it is crucial that a home be designed with the appropriate system inside the walls.

TechReady, a joint partnership between Bell Aliant and the Nova Scotia Home Builders’ Association, ensures that home building, renovating and installation professionals are trained and certified to provide this level of service.

The main element of TechReady certification is structured cabling, providing maximum flexibility for the homeowner to move voice, data and video services throughout their home.


Mari Suyama

Mari Suyama

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