Bathrooms: pure and simple

Bathroom design today is all about simple design, easy maintenance and practicality. Although Atlantic Canadians pride themselves on enjoying a slower paced lifestyle, bathroom trends are leaning more towards contemporary design that accommodate in and out showers, quick daily routines and low upkeep.

“Traditionally, bathrooms featured a tub and shower or corner whirlpool that encouraged people to relax and soak,” says Desmond Wright, Owner of J. Wright Sales Ltd. “Now we are seeing showers with customized shower doors in many different shapes and sizes for ease of entry.”

Fleurco, a new brand to Atlantic Canada and to the Real Home Show has industry leaders like J. Wright Sales and Better Baths talking. Beautifully stylized shower doors are making a statement in the bathroom – for the clarity of the glass, the simplicity of the designs and the clean lines Fleurco offers.

“Chrome is definitely coming back,” says Tamara Stein, Showroom Consultant at Better Baths. “People want clean. And chrome is shiny, polished and definitely offers that clean look.”

Stein is seeing a move away from brushed nickel and away from colour in the bathroom. White walls are making a comeback, especially when paired with the contemporary look of chrome faucets and fixtures. Clean lines, clear glass and simple tiled walls are making design easy on the eyes and easy to maintain. The contemporary ideal of low maintenance and superior design are being realized in bathroom makeovers – but traditional hasn’t completely left the hearts of Maritimers.

“It’s important to have middle ground options,” says Wright. “Transitional products offer lasting style and meet traditional and contemporary tastes.”

Wright mentions German engineered Hansgrohe for faucets and showerheads, offering everything from traditional to transitional to contemporary, all with a European flare and design. Stein also adds Riobel to the list of brands that offers a variety of product to satisfy the changing trends in bathrooms.

Products are getting more stylized and functionality is on the rise. The Delta Touch2O faucet is a clear example of how simple is where bathrooms are heading and even the traditional minded will be tempted by the convenience of this touch or motion-automated faucet.

“It’s perfect if you have children who leave the water running or get distracted brushing their teeth,” says Wright. “Turn the water on or off within three inches of the faucet and eliminate wasted water.”

Pure and simple.

Finding a balance between style, function and manageability are top of mind for bathroom designers and homeowners alike. With advanced products like those from Delta, Riobel and Hansgrohe, building the perfect bathroom is within reach. Remember that a bathroom’s ultimate purpose is cleanliness, and that should reflect in the simplicity of the space itself.


Mari Suyama

Mari Suyama

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