Welcome to the 2012 Lifestyle Home

Imagine stepping into a house and instinctively knowing where to place your keys, where to comfortably take off your shoes and where to find all control panels. 625 Duart Drive, the 2012 Lifestyle Home proudly built by Rooftight Construction Ltd. provides those simple yet key features, and much more.

This year’s Lifestyle Home in the serene community of St. Andrews West, Fall River is a 4,000 square foot bungalow-style home with double garage, state of the art home automation provided by uberHome and a design focused on providing utmost convenience, comfort and true usability.

“This home is perfect for a family with two children or empty-nesters who are looking for an aging-in-place ready home,” says Scott Smith, Owner of Rooftight. “We’ve taken all our best practices and features and incorporated them into a single home.”

Some of the features include wider doorframes for ease of mobility should the family need to accommodate a wheelchair or person of limited mobility in the future and 10” thick walls for privacy and insulation. Such features are stylishly incorporated into the interior design of the home and do not interfere with, but rather enhance the usability of each room.

Rooftight builds homes with a Woman-Centric approach. That means their homes, including the Lifstyle Home, are built to suit real families and their busy, on-the-go lifestyles.

“This year’s Lifestyle Home is a fun project that showcases Rooftight’s capabilities as a builder as well as the premium materials provided by our suppliers and community supporters,” says Smith. “And all proceeds of the home sale will go to charity.”

The charity of Smith’s choice is the Canadian Marfan Association – an association supporting the education and research of Marfan Syndrome, connective tissue and cardiovascular disorders. More information can be found at www.marfan.ca.

An estimated $30,000 will go to charity and $10,000 will be donated to the Homebuilders Care program run by the Nova Scotia Home Builders’ Association.

Rooftight’s goal is to build a home that a family will feel good about buying and living in. On top of the charitable donation from the sale, the Lifestyle Home does its part for the environment. With an EnerGuide 93 rating and R-2000 certification, this home comes fully equipped with solar tubes to heat the home’s hot water supply and solar photovoltaic cells that convert the sun’s energy into electricity which is pumped back into the Nova Scotia Power grid and credited to the owner’s account. In an effort to conserve energy and take advantage of renewable resources, the 2012 Lifestyle Home will have a modest heat and electricity bill – something the family can take comfort in and appreciate for years to come.

“I’m lucky enough to be able to build beautiful and energy conscious homes,” says Smith. “But I am most happy to be able to spend 25 percent of my time on philanthropy and volunteering on advisory boards. I just hope that I can continue to support more great organizations in the future, like the Canadian Marfan Association, IWK Foundation and other charities throughout Metro.”


Mari Suyama

Mari Suyama

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