Plan to protect your largest investment

With an Atlantic New Home Warranty

Building or purchasing a new home is often the biggest investment one can make. But despite the importance of this single purchase, many new homebuyers focus on the location, aesthetic appeal, cost and convenience rather than the reputation of the builder.

“New home warranty is an important step,” says Pat Mulcahy, chief executive officer of Atlantic Home Warranty. “But new homeowners need to understand that protecting that investment starts with doing their homework and finding the right builder.

Since 1976, Atlantic Home Warranty has been providing peace of mind for homebuyers in all four Atlantic Provinces. The home warranty programs not only strengthen the credibility and confidence in builders – they protect the homebuyer and their investment from structural defects, materials or workmanship provided by the builder after possession of the home.

After years of working with builders and home owners, Mulcahy believes that if the homebuyer and builder form a working relationship from the beginning, any issues that arise after possession of the home will be resolved between the buyer and the builder.

“Most of the issues we mediate involve the breakdown of a relationship between the builder and the new homeowner,” says Mulcahy. “Find the right builder and it’s unlikely that homeowners will need to call on Atlantic Home Warranty.”

Like purchasing health insurance, home warranty coverage is a protection plan against possible problems that may arise in the future. Once the builder hands over the keys, if there is no relationship between the builder and purchaser, a warranty plan is the easiest way a homeowner can seek compensation or resolution.

Mulcahy also stresses the importance of the homebuyer taking the time to do the necessary research before committing to a project and a builder. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is another important resource for homebuyers who wish to investigate any previous complaints or legal issues relating to specific builders or development companies. The BBB also offers accreditation for companies who meet the standards in customer service, complaint resolution and business ethics.

“Homebuyers should do the research, take a visit to previous developments of potential builders and chat with existing homeowners,” suggests Mulcahy. “Knock on a few doors, casually approach neighbours and ask them about their relationship with the builder, the overall experience and if any problems that arose were resolved.”

Over 700 builders are qualified members of Atlantic Home Warranty and must complete mandatory training and abide by strict standards. Homeowners can visit the Atlantic Home Warranty website at for a complete list of member builders.


Mari Suyama

Mari Suyama

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