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The benefits of living in one of HRM’s master-planned communities

Homeowners looking for a community when buying a new house face no shortage of options in our region. Whether you’re looking for an urban or country setting, a single-family home or townhouse, there are neighbourhoods that suit every lifestyle.

Two of Nova Scotia’s largest developers share some insight into some of their newest or largest master-planned communities and what they offer for potential homeowners – for today and tomorrow.

Armco Communities

Armco Communities has been building communities in HRM for over 20 years, all planned with a blend of lot and home styles, access to amenities, recreation, parkland and green space. Prices depend on the community, lot size and the house style.

Some of their more recent communities include Sunset Ridge, Twin Brooks, Kingswood North and Governor’s Brook.

One of the newest Armco communities, Sunset Ridge, located in Sackville, provides a mix of home choices, including single-family lot sizes, semi-detached lots, townhouse lots, as well as apartment sites and community commercial spaces.

This community provides a mix of home styles to the public with a style and price range to meet a broader customer base. The blend of home styles also provide the homeowner with a choice within the community, where location is important.

For those who work outside of the community, the commute is now easier. Sunset Ridge has access from Sackville Drive as well as from the new Highway 101 collector at Margeson Drive.

Twin Brooks, another new community in Sackville, next to Millwood, is located on the site of the former Sackville Golf Course, and boasts spectacular views. To honour the former tenant, all of the streets have golf-themed names. The community has large serviced lots with homes offered by two of metro’s top builders. Future phases planned for this year will feature a blend of single family and semi-detached homes and townhouses.

Kingswood North off Hammonds Plains is perfect for homeowners looking for large, quiet country-style lots. This neighbourhood has been popular with families because of its location and spaciousness, with lots ranging from 1.5 acres to three acres. There is also plenty of parkland and green space beyond your own yard. New phases have recently opened up with three phases expected to be built over the next two years.

Young families and professionals will enjoy Governor’s Brook located off the Herring Cove Road in Halifax. Complete with city-serviced lots, the development will have 12 phases with approximately 750 lots. There will be a mix of home choices, too, including single family, semi-detached, townhouses and apartments. 40 per cent of the overall land in the development has been dedicated to parkland, a conservation area, soccer field, walking trails and other amenities perfect for the active family. Still, homeowners won’t be too far away from urban amenities such as shopping, health care and the nightlife of downtown Halifax.

Clayton Developments Ltd.

Clayton Developments Ltd. is dedicated to creating communities around the HRM. They’ve been doing so for over 50 years.

Their communities include Portland Hills and Russell Lake West, both in Dartmouth, The Ravines of Bedford South and The Parks of West Bedford.

These are all planned communities that offer all the amenities its residents want and need – shopping, parks, schools, bus routes, recreational facilities and more.

The Parks of West Bedford, their newest community, has a number of features that make it an attractive community for homeowners.

The Parks’ prime location gives it convenient access to schools and community services. It was designed to create a sense of neighbourhood, with plenty of green spaces, parks, walking trails, playgrounds and natural recreation areas. The homes are built by quality builders with high standards and design controls that maintain architectural integrity throughout the community.

The builders offer a different look and feel when it comes to their home designs and offer an enjoyable new home buying experience and a selection of homes at varying stages of construction to suit most timelines for purchasers.

The other communities by Clayton Developments are designed following the same approach, to suite the lifestyles of their residents.

Russell Lake West includes not only single-family homes, but also luxury condos, rental apartments and a retirement campus, set in natural lakefront surroundings. Close by, the community of Portland Hills offers a mix of home styles, from single family to townhomes and condos, all near the shores of Morris Lake. And The Ravines has single-family homes, condos, executive townhouses and urban estates, all close to Bedford.

These communities all feature strong architectural controls and protective covenants to ensure that the homebuyers’ investment is protected.

When it comes to true planned communities, there should be a mix of housing types and housing prices. This enables people to buy or rent their first or starter home in the community and move up into larger and more expensive homes as their family circumstances change and as finances permit.

Many families like the option to stay in the same area when they move. A mixed-density, mixed-use planned community permits this.


Suzanne Rent

Suzanne Rent

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