Unseen technology at our fingertips

As home design moves towards a modern minimalist aesthetic and our expectations of technology mature, we find ourselves surrounded by a plethora of electronics that are virtually unseen.

“Homeowners want sleek, elegant products that are connected, easy to use, portable and high quality,” says Shane Wamboldt owner of uberHome. “But no one wants to see the electronics when they aren’t in use. They want them to disappear into the design of the space.”

This desire to have technology concealed yet still performing at its highest potential means electronic system contractors, home designers and builders need to work hand in hand well before the building process to ensure optimal results. Upgrading an exist- ing home’s wiring system and integrating concealed technology is still possible and will require a thorough evaluation by an industry expert.

Wamboldt wants homeowners to look at home technology not only as an option for the wealthy, but as an investment that enhances immediate and prolonged enjoy- ment and comfort of the property and also offers return on investment when selling.

“Digital home health technologies for example allow aging homeowners to stay in their home longer rather than transitioning to assisted living,” explains Wamboldt. “And sustainable lifestyle solutions include energy monitors that report how much energy is used and where.”

Technologies such as these may sound a little overwhelming but in fact, most sys- tems can be monitored and operated from a handheld tablet or via smartphone app.

“Only a year or two ago, the tablet was a nice-to-have convenience,” says Wamboldt. “Now it is becoming a must-have amenity in the house. More and more systems in our homes will be able to run with an app in the coming years.”

Running our homes from a handheld device means no inconvenient wires or cords. And that’s the way homeowners prefer their technology – unseen and convenient.

Imagine having speakers concealed within cabinetry and the ability to browse the Internet from your TV, or the luxury of watching the news in a TV mirror while getting ready in the morning – all without visible wiring hindering the modern appeal or functionality of the space.

It’s a reality that is being adapted into more and more homes each year. And with technology constantly changing, improving and pushing boundaries, so must the plan- ning process when designing or renovating a space.

“Many of these systems can live in harmony with a room’s design and aesthetic appeal without detracting from the other. But careful planning and coordination of all trades and design-build professionals will ensure proper design and implementation,” says Wamboldt. “Ultimately, home technol- ogy is offering everyday homeowners the ability to make their lives simpler, more luxurious, more eco-friendly and more fun.”


Mari Suyama

Mari Suyama

With a degree in Journalism and Spanish from the University of King’s College, Mari has turned her passion for writing, languages and travel into a career she loves. Diving into the world of freelance after university, she moved to Latin America

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