Making a bulb statement

In recent years, energy efficiency has grown to be much more than just a trend – it’s become a lifestyle statement. And now choosing the right energy efficient lighting fixture is an easy way to make that state- ment heard by anyone walking through the front door.

Energy efficient lighting not only helps the environment, it saves homeowners money in the long run, and now comes in an array of sizes, shapes and styles. So going for a Light-Emitting Diode (LED) product doesn’t mean compromising on aesthetic appeal.

On the contrary.

It means a new world of lighting possibilities has opened up, and although the price point is still higher than the traditional power-guzzling fixtures and bulbs, it’s an investment homeowners should strongly consider before purchasing.

“More LED products are available and quality and quantity of light is improving,” says Mary Kyd, lighting specialist at Atlantic Lighting Studio. “Homeowners can find task and architectural lighting, even decorative fixtures.”

Kyd puts the spotlight on a few popular items for 2012 that definitely set a new standard in home lighting. The low energy award-winning British design Plumen light bulb is ultra-stylish and gives a fresh twist to energy efficient lighting.

“Bulbrite and Satco are also offering lower wattage around 40W vintage light bulbs,” says Kyd. “The filament becomes very much a part of the design element of the fixture.”

Even when the bulbs are hidden for aesthetic purposes, low energy or LED are great options, says Chuck Kline of Liteco.

“Hot halogen lights used in under cabinet lighting used to melt butter on the counter,” says Kline. “Now you can replace the hot 25W halogen bulb with a cool 1.5W

LED and get the same under counter effect.” Despite the growing decorative and functional options in LED lighting, some homeowners still gravitate towards LED for the energy efficient or money-saving ben- efits – with good reason. A number of LED rebate programs exist in Nova Scotia and more information can be found at www. Kline explains that instant rebates are also available in store and can be discussed with a sales associate.

Whether making the conscious decision to go low energy to save money, be envi- ronmentally responsible or take advantage of the modern design options available, both Kyd and Kline point out that even the fixtures themselves can have variable energy efficiency levels.

LED shows a new wave of progressive thinking in design and lifestyle. And saving money never looked so good.


Mari Suyama

Mari Suyama

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