Looking for ways to reduce your home heating costs?

If you are building a new home or thinking of upgrading your current house, check out your home heating options first. By choosing an efficient home heating system you could reduce your electricity usage and save money in the long run.

Nova Scotia PowerOne of the simplest ways to reduce your home heating bills is by installing appropriate insulation in your home. Lack of insulation and gaps between windows and doors could let heat escape outdoors. By draft-proofing and installing proper insulation, your home heating system won’t have to work as hard, keeping you warm and saving you money. Also by using ENERGY STAR certified windows and doors with proper caulking, you can help to keep the draft out and the heat in.

A great way to save money on your heating is to take advantage of Nova Scotia Power’s Time of Day (TOD) power rates. These special rates are available to home-owners who have electric thermal storage (ETS) heating systems. An ETS heating system draws power during the night when rates are less expensive and stores the heat for release throughout the day. You get to enjoy comfortable heat in the daytime with- out having to pay for full price day rates. Also by having an ETS heating system, you can enjoy TOD rates for all your electricity needs in your home, not just heating costs.

An air source heat pump could be another heating option for your home. This system absorbs natural warmth from the air outside and gently distributes it throughout your home.

By providing comfortable even heat in the winter and central air conditioning in the summer, the heat pump is one of the most efficient heating products.

It also dehumidifies, reducing mold and excess moisture and filters the air to reduce irritants that aggravate breathing problems. And it’s a non-combustible heat source, so it uses no flames, no fuel and produces no fumes.

Nova Scotia PowerBy combining a heat pump with an ETS system and installing proper insulation in your home, you can ensure you are ready for the coldest of Nova Scotian winters without the hefty heating costs.

For more information on these home heating systems and to find out how to finance these products, call us at 1-800-428-6774 (428-6774 HRM) or visit nspower.ca. While you are at the Home Show, stop by booth 128 to speak with manufacturer-trained contractors about home heating options.


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