Flooring for the Modern Home

The days of peel-and-stick tiles are no more. Today’s flooring industry is overflow- ing with designer flooring options that can make any design dream a reality – and for less than you may think.

Bamboo, cork, stone, ceramic, hardwood, engineered hardwood, eco-chic carpets – the list goes on. Companies such as Wacky’s Floor Design Centre and Taylor Flooring can attest to the quality and remarkable style options on the market and both under- stand the abundance of choices can be overwhelming. That is where their flooring experts come in handy to guide customers every step of the way.

“Two choices that have been around for a while and are growing in popularity are bamboo and cork flooring,” says Dave Cole of Wacky’s. “Bamboo is still something dif- ferent and cork offers beautiful colours and styles to choose from.”

Homeowners gravitate towards cork for some of the same reasons as carpet explains Cole. It’s quiet, warm and can add insulation value to a room. Carpet on the other hand provides those same qualities but with restrictions to where it can be used in a house.

“Carpet is not on its way out, but people are definitely getting more selective,” says John Wells of Taylor Flooring. “We are sell- ing more and more luxury wool Karastan carpets that comes in a variety of designer colours, textures and patterns. And the hot item at the moment, SmartStrand eco carpet.”

SmartStrand by Mohawk is made of a corn derivative versus the petrochemical process used by traditional carpet manu- facturers.

Carpet is still a big seller for basements and bedrooms. But concerning the rest of the house, homeowners tend to tread away from carpet despite technological and design advancements and opt for hard sur- faces. Large format tiles are a growing trend in home design and can offer dramatic looks for an affordable price.

“Mixing sizes in an offset pattern can also enhance the effect of oversized tiles,” says Cole.

Both Cole and Wells point out the popu- larity of 18” X 18”, 20” X 20” and 12” X 24” tiles compared to the traditional 12”X12” size. Playing with size can instantly add a modern edge to a space, but so can the choice of colour and texture.

Deep neutrals such as charcoal grey and steel are in demand notes Wells. This progression to modern hints of grey and metallic elements is also being mirrored in the use of glass and metallic tiles in kitchen and bathroom backsplashes.

Modernizing or revamping a home is easy to do, even on a budget. Starting with the floors is a great way to instantly update the space, change the mood and perhaps the functionality of the room. If you’re happier and more comfortable in a space, you’ve added instant value and can be cer- tain it was time and money well spent.


Mari Suyama

Mari Suyama

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