Bringing functionality and style to bathroom design

When contemplating a home renovation, the bathroom can often get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. Whether for the intricate technical tasks or daunting plumbing work, homeowners can some- times shy away from making upgrades to a space that well deserves some TLC.

“You’re going to be living in your house for a long time, and it’s a space you will use several times a day by all members of the family,” says Desmond Wright or J.Wright Sales Ltd. “In a bathroom, you want every- thing to work, be functional, look good and be easy to clean.”

And with innovative items such as Delta’s Touch2OXT hands-free sensor activated faucet entering the market, homeowners can have functionality, quality, style and hygiene built into one single product.

“We want to make our lives simpler,” says Wright. “And there are a lot of products out there to help do just that.”

Minimal, clean and simple are words Tamara Stein, Sales Consultant at Better Baths uses to describe the current direction in bathroom design. And with those sleek lines, sharper edges and move to the clean look of chrome, the bathroom can look very polished and chic.

Homeowners no longer need to decide between having a functional bathroom that lacks luster and a beautiful bathroom that hinders a speedy morning routine.

Stein and Wright note that the majority of homeowners opt for a shower as part of the daily routine versus filling the bath, lighting candles and reading a book.

But there are ways of getting the best of both worlds in one seamless looking space.

“There is still a demand for tubs in homes,” says Stein. “Freestanding tubs in an ensuite are quite popular because they don’t require an enclosed box of tile around it and it can complement a shower beautifully.” Showers are still the focal point of a well-designed modern bathroom. Custom showers are now incorporating high-end adjustable showerarms, ceiling-mounted rain heads and out-of-wall body spray fixtures – or a combination of the three.

If ultra modern isn’t your preferred look, many of the luxury shower and bath fixtures are available in what Wright explains as transitional design.

“You want to choose a product that will not go out of style in five years,” says Wright. “And transitional design is not traditional, yet not too modern. It can be a good investment.”

It’s important to plan your bathroom to fit the lifestyle and needs of your family while also considering the long-term invest- ment of upgrading the plumbing, fixtures and design. Instead of renovating to sell, take advantage of the space now, and make the bathroom a relaxing and functional space for your family to enjoy on a daily basis.


Mari Suyama

Mari Suyama

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