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Building or renovating your home is a major decision and you want to make sure that you hire the best company for the job, one that has a solid track record and experience in the industry with proven quality workmanship.

To find the best company for your new house or renovation project, you need to make sure you take the time to do some preliminary research before you begin. To help make your research process easier, you may want to consider choosing a Certified Residential Builder or Renovator of the Nova Scotia Home Builders’ Association (NSHBA).

What is a Certified Residential Builder and what can they offer to your project? Currently, Nova Scotia does not require contractors to be licensed to undertake residential construction projects. It was with this in mind that in 1997 the Nova Scotia Home Builders’ Association developed a professional builder and renovator certification program.

A Certified Residential Builder (CRB) or Certified Residential Renovator (CRR) is a builder or renovator with extensive knowledge and many years of experience in the residential construction industry, having successfully completed courses in business management and building technology.

“This is an excellent tool for consumers to use to measure the qualifications of the contractors that they are considering for their project,” says Paul Pettipas, CEO of the Nova Scotia Home Builders’ Association. “Certified members are able to market their company to potential clients as professionals who have gone above and beyond the requirements it takes to become a general contractor.”

This October, the NSHBA is launching a new part to the Certified Residential Renovator Program by incorporating the national RenoMark designation. This new certification allows renovation companies to stand out even more to homeowners who are looking to hire a professional renovator.

To qualify as a Certified Residential Builder or Renovator, each registrant must complete professional training courses and at all times maintain membership in good standing within the NSHBA while following the NSHBA code of ethics. They must also achieve continuing education credits to remain up-to-date on changing technology and building practices.

In addition to this, Certified Residential Renovators who are part of the RenoMark program will be required to offer the following to their clients:

• Provide a detailed, written contract (including scope of work) for all jobs.

• Offer a minimum two-year warranty on all work (excludes minor home repair).

• Carry a minimum of $2 million liability insurance.

• Have coverage for workplace safety and employers’ liability and/or work only with subcontractors who carry such coverage.

• Carry applicable licenses and permits.

• Maintain a professional level of knowledge of current building codes, permit procedures, and technical skills through continuing education.

• Maintain a safe and organized worksite.

• Return phone calls within two business days.

These additional requirements will further provide homeowners with peace of mind. Look for the RenoMark sign before you hire a renovator.

Visit or phone (902)450-5554 / 1-800-668-2001 for more information on RenoMark requirements.

Sherry Donovan

Sherry Donovan

Sherry Donovan is Communications Director for the Nova Scotia Home Builders' Association. She is a regular contributer to various local media and currently has columns appearing in Halifax Metro News and The Chronicle Herald's Homesetc publication.

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