CAPS: Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist Program

Helping to meet the needs of Nova Scotians

The residential construction industry in Canada faces many challenges in the years ahead, one of them in particular is an aging population. The industry loses workers to retirement, but it gains a huge potential
market for its services, thanks to the Boomer generation and beyond.

Starting in January 2010, one thousand Canadians per day turn 65. Boomers are motivated to act with the resources to back up their actions. They have specific expectations and requirements when it comes to their housing needs. The residential construction industry needs to have the right tools to be ready and able to meet these expectations.

This is especially the case when mobility issues challenge the functionality of a home. With the increase in demand, there are a number of considerations the homeowner will need to make, such as how a person will get into the home followed closely by how they will access their bedroom and bathroom facilities and how they will be able to safely stay safe in their own homes.

The Nova Scotia Home Builders’ Association (NSHBA) is now the licensed provider of Certified Aging in Place (CAPS) training in Nova Scotia. This licensing is done through the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) located in
Washington, DC. NSHBA members and industry professionals now have an exciting opportunity to gain training that will provide them with the knowledge to work closer with their clients, helping them to make informed choices about staying in their homes, safely, independently and comfortably.

This is the first program of its kind for the Nova Scotian residential construction industry, allowing those within the industry to work with a wide range of specialized homeowner needs.

The first CAPS course took place this past September for builders and renovators who were interested in gaining further knowledge of incorporating aging in place features in new homes and renovations. There were 24 participants in the first course, with demand increasing for additional training to be held on a regular basis.

“As an association, we are excited about this opportunity, not only for our industry, but for all Nova Scotians,” says Paul Pettipas, NSHBA chief executive officer. “This specialized training is an asset for everyone and will allow for those trained in CAPS to gain a greater understanding of how to meet the needs and expectations of homeowners with mobility issues and help keep them safe in their homes.”

Participants taking the three day course are required to successfully complete three CAPS courses: Marketing and Communication Strategies for Aging and Accessibility (CAPS I); Design/Build Solutions for Aging and Accessibility (CAPS II); and successfully complete Business Management for Building Professionals.

With the continued advancement of new products, it is important to do your research about what products and services are available. For a list of CAPS certified companies within Nova Scotia phone (902) 450-5554 / 1-800-668-2001.

Sherry Donovan

Sherry Donovan

Sherry Donovan is Communications Director for the Nova Scotia Home Builders' Association. She is a regular contributer to various local media and currently has columns appearing in Halifax Metro News and The Chronicle Herald's Homesetc publication.

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