The Efficiency Nova Scotia Demonstration Homes – An educational experience.

Efficiency Nova Scotia Demonstration Homes
The Efficiency Nova Scotia Demonstration Homes located in both Dartmouth and Lower Sackville are currently under construction and nearing completion, open to the public this Fall.

Story c/o Jamie Tobin, NSHBA

For eight weeks, beginning in October the Nova Scotia Home Builders Association (NSHBA) and Efficiency Nova Scotia Corporation will be showcasing two homes featuring the newest technology in energy efficient home construction. These Efficiency Nova Scotia Demonstration Homes program will serve as benchmarks for all future home construction projects in Nova Scotia

Both demonstration homes are currently under construction in the Halifax Regional Municipality. One is being built by Denim Homes Inc in the Sunset Ridge subdivision in Lower Sackville and the other is being built by Whitestone builders is located in Willow Ridge in Dartmouth.

Sackville Demonstration Home by Denim Homes
Site sign for the Lowever Sackville Demonstration Home in Sunset Ridge, built by Denim Homes

Dartmouth Demonstration Home by Whitestone
Site Sign for the Dartmouth Demonstration Home in WillowRidge, built by Whitestone
Both builders will follow a design produced by Denim Homes Inc and the Dartmouth home is being built with a full basement option while the Sackville home is being constructed on a slab on grade.

“As the price of energy continues to rise, making choices that will keep your energy costs at a minimum is a great investment,” says Paul Pettipas, CEO of NSHBA.

The program began as a competition for all architects and home designers in Nova Scotia who were given the challenge to design a home with a minimum EnerGuide rating of 92. Denim Homes Inc submitted a design that was chosen by an independent panel of judges.

Once the winning design was chosen another challenge was issued to Nova Scotian home builders to build these homes at a price that is reasonable for most Nova Scotian home owners. Denim Homes Inc and Whitestone Builders were chosen for the projects and they were given the opportunity to build these homes

Energy efficiency is important to consider when building a new home.  Energy efficient homes help reduce energy costs and the home’s carbon footprint. With a minimum EnerGuide rating of 92 these homes will certainly be no exception.

Upon completion these homes will be open to the general public for viewing. The Nova Scotia Home Builders Association and Efficiency Nova Scotia will also be conducted guided tours of the home for special guests, industry professionals and students pursuing occupations in the construction industry.

Both Efficiency Nova Scotia Demonstration Homes will qualify for additional incentives with the Performance Plus program and will have unique features that clearly define them as energy efficient.  Some of the features include; an insulated foundation/ slab, 10” thick walls, a solar powered water heating system, a drain water heat recovery system, Energy Star certified appliances, triple glazed windows and Photovoltaic Panels to collect solar energy.

Throughout the construction period Nova Scotians will be able to track the progress on these homes by logging on to or by liking the Efficiency Nova Scotia Demonstration Homes on Facebook.


Sherry Donovan

Sherry Donovan

Sherry Donovan is Communications Director for the Nova Scotia Home Builders' Association. She is a regular contributer to various local media and currently has columns appearing in Halifax Metro News and The Chronicle Herald's Homesetc publication.

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