New Home Builder Checklist

New HomeBefore you build your dream home, be sure to do as much research as possible in advance. This includes choosing the right builder, the best products and the most available support network for the entire project!

Good things to check when planning your new home or choosing your home builder.

When it comes to your new home, you need to make sure you communicate with your builder about exactly what it is you are looking for in terms of style, layout and design. It’s your builder’s job to build the home, but it is your responsibility to make them aware of the particular finishing details. Make sure your builder knows exactly what it is you are looking for.

“The best way to make sure expectations are met is to start a scrapbook at your planning stage,” says Paul Pettipas, chief executive officer of the Nova Scotia Home Builders’ Association. “Include pictures, product samples, catalogues, whatever it is that will help you communicate your needs to your builder.”

There are also a number of questions you should ask your builder before making your final decision. Here are some of the major points to include on your home builder checklist:

Are you a member of the Nova Scotia Home Builders’ Association?

Membership in the Association is an important indication that a builder is a committed professional. As an organization, the NSHBA is committed to supporting professional development within the industry. Member home builders have access to the latest information about building products, materials and practices.

How long have you been building homes?

Experience makes a difference. For professionals, home building is a career and their reputation is their greatest asset. Find out how and when the builder got into the business. Ask about previous home building activities and request a list of past customers you can contact for a reference. A professional builder will be happy to provide this information.

Is your company enrolled in a third-party warranty program?

A professional home builder provides buyers with a warranty that is guar-anteed by a third-party, such as Atlantic Home Warranty. A warranty provides important protection to buyers. Ask your builder about the third-party warranty they provide.

What type of after-sales service program does your company provide?

In addition to warranty protection, a professional builder will provide an after-sales service program to correct any minor problems that may occur with your new home. Ask how this program works, how home owners request service and how quickly service problems are resolved normally. A builder’s after-sales service performance is part of the value they provide. Be sure to ask the builder’s references about after-sales service.

What type of products and materials will be used in the home, and do they meet Canadian standards?

Professional builders select materials and products carefully to ensure the home delivers long-term value and peace of mind. Brand-name materials and products, backed by a warranty, signify quality. Materials and products manufactured by stringent
Canadian standards will provide years of safe, worry-free performance.

Who would be our contact person during the construction process?

Watching your new home being built is an exciting part of the process. During construction, you will want to know how things are going and receive regular updates from your builder. If you have questions or need information, you should know who to contact within the company.

For more information on building or buying a new home visit the Nova Scotia Home Builders’ Association website at

Sherry Donovan

Sherry Donovan

Sherry Donovan is Communications Director for the Nova Scotia Home Builders' Association. She is a regular contributer to various local media and currently has columns appearing in Halifax Metro News and The Chronicle Herald's Homesetc publication.

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