Building a new home, cottage or renovating?

Nova Scotia PowerNova Scotia Power is pleased to help with your new service connection. This checklist outlines what steps are involved in the process.

We’ll keep you informed of important stages of your connection with frequent updates. If you have questions during any stage of the process, give us a call: 1 800 428-6230

Check out your energy efficiency options. Before beginning construction of your new home, cottage or renovation, we encourage you to consider energy efficient products and home heating solutions that will reduce your electricity usage and save you money in the long-term. Visit for money saving tips and home heating solutions. For information on energy saving programs, visit Efficiency Nova Scotia at

Apply for a Municipal Building Permit. If you’ve already applied, provide us with the building permit number when you call.

Call Nova Scotia Power and talk to one of our Customer Service Representative to set up your new account, order a meter or schedule an onsite planning consultation.

Hire a certified electrician

Ensure the grant of easement has been completed if required for your property. An easement is the right to use another person’s land without actually owning it. During your site consultation the planner will assess your easement needs.

Ensure any fees or applicable requirements have been met based on communication from NS Power. This could include tree trimming, rock breaking for poles, and payment for additional electrical wires. Under normal circumstances, NS Power will supply up to 92 metres of electrical wire, free of charge.

Determine if you need temporary service to provide electricity to power tools during your renovation or construction. If temporary service is installed on a tripod, it needs to be assembled by a certified electrician in compliance with provincial regulations and NS Power standards. The temporary service will need to be inspected before power can be hooked up. Depending
on the location, a line extension cost may apply.

Check out
or contact us at 1 800 428-6230 (428-6230 HRM) any time throughout the process if you have any questions.

Nova Scotia Power

Nova Scotia Power

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