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home technologyIf you are building a new home and want to make it convenient, safe, and energy efficient, it is wise to look into the benefits of home automation.

Improvements in home technology have come a long way in the past five years and its popularity among new home buyers is changing the real estate landscape.

“These days, people are looking for more than just great technology for their home,” says Suzanne Wamboldt, owner of uberHome Technologies. They’re looking for technologies that work together and make life more convenient.”

So what does a state of the art home look like?

Well, for starters it’s built with structured cabling. The wiring of the home was planned well in advance and provides maximum flexibility for users to move voice, data and video services throughout the home.

The TechReady program, a joint initiative between the Nova Scotia Home Builders’ Association and Bell Aliant, provides a list of trained builders, renovators and sub-contractors who follow strict guidelines to ensure high-tech installations are done right. has information for homeowners and building professionals.

Looking outside the walls of the house, the trend for 2011 is Internet – and lots of it.

“Internet-enabled devices like iPads or iPhones are huge this year and are used to control everything from audio, video and security within the home,” says Wamboldt. “These innovations are slowly replacing the manufacturer-specific touch panels we used just a few years ago.”

Today’s tech-savvy homeowners enjoy doing what they want, when they want – especially when it comes to entertainment. As basic cable begins making plans for retirement, video devices like Apple TV, Google TV, and Boxee are popping up to deliver TV, movies and Internet all wrapped up in one convenient bundle.

Another popular trend is in home theaters. Homeowners looking for a deal this year should consider purchasing a residential overhead projector. Perfect for home theatre rooms, good quality residential projectors have seen up to a 50% reduction in price the last few years and are helping families save on the cost of movie tickets. For parents looking to skip the drive to the theatre and watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster from home – this is a great product with quality sound and picture.

Beyond convenience, home automation can also save you money on your power bill. eMonitor©, one of uberHome’s more popular products, lets homeowners track energy consumption and provides an early estimate of their power bill before it arrives.

“No one likes paying a lot for utilities like power,” says Wamboldt. “This product is designed to help you cut your energy bill by 30%.”

Mari Suyama

Mari Suyama

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