Illuminating a room’s best features

illuminating a roomNo home makeover or even new home design is complete without a stop at your local lighting store. With a never-ending selection of bulbs, base designs, shade shapes and colours, it’s important to find the right combination that can pull a room together and illuminate the room’s best features.

There is a large movement toward fixtures with a bit more flash. People are taking more risk with their lighting and choosing details like high polished chrome.

Metallic finishes and dramatic shades are easily carried over to liven up traditional -style rooms. And, although well suited for modern spaces, there is great ability to fuse styles and add retro flare or glamour to a contrasting space.

The drum shade is another item flying off the shelves, perfect for traditional or modern décor. The style is popular throughout North America and Europe and works well in organic colours like green, cotton and beige.

“Drum shades with colour accent, modern motif or hanging crystals are very sought after this year,” says Mary Kyd, Lighting Specialist at Atlantic Lighting Studio in Wolfville. “Lighting is often overlooked, but can help transform or ground a space.”

Lighting specialists such as those at Atlantic Lighting Studio offer consulting services for choosing the appropriate lighting and planning electrical reconfiguration if necessary.

The key is to choose a size and style that suits your room as well as the purpose of that specific room.

Sometimes subtle lighting can create a more dramatic effect than a stunning light fixture displayed front and centre. Concealed lighting or accent lighting can be installed under kitchen cabinets to create ideal lighting conditions for evenings or around crown moulding for added drama in a high-ceilinged room.

It is important to have concealed lighting designed and installed during the installation of cabinetry and moulding to avoid additional costs. However, retrofitting to an existing space is possible with the expertise of a trained electrician and can boost resale value of your home.

Light bulb choice is also an important factor to consider, as halogen, xenon, fluorescent and LED lights have different attributes with regard to colour and spread of light. The design of the fixture can also affect the behavior or the light and change the overall effect.

“We still do a lot of education on energy efficiency,” says Kyd, who has many clients looking to incorporate CFL and LED lighting into all fixtures around the home. “I think when people come in to the store and see that the quality and selection of CFLs has long surpassed the original fluorescent option; it’s an easy switch to make.”

There are energy saving options for almost any style light fixture. And with the choice of cool white or soft white glow, indoor or outdoor ready, dimmer-capable or not – going energy efficient makes lighting even more attractive

Mari Suyama

Mari Suyama

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