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building roofersWith so many choices of building products on the market, it’s a wonder homeowners can make a final decision at all. Windows, roofing, doors and more come with features and functions once not available to most homeowners looking to renovate or build. Still, Mike Connors with Capstone Building Products believes that homeowners are much more educated now and have managed to keep on top of the latest trends and technology.

“Overall, consumers are doing their homework and are more aware of the good, better and best in product offerings,” Connors says. “The knowledge leads to improved understanding of how products work together in a system, purchasing a product that fits the application as well as choice in style and colour availability.”

In roofing, Connors says he’s noticing one-piece architectural roofing shingles replace the traditional three-tab shingle on the roofing projects he’s done. Another trend in roofing is the increased use of synthetic felt underlayment.

“Synthetic felt is a high-performance roofing underlayment designed to provide resistance to liquid water that may penetrate the outer cladding and to protect the roof prior to the installation of the outer cladding,” Connors says. Synthetic Felts are also green because of their reduced environmental impact.

Like roofing, windows seem to continuously evolving towards being greener and more energy efficient. Homeowners are no longer just researching the appearances and functions of windows, but also their ability to assist in the reduction of the homes
overall carbon footprint. Connors says home-owners are researching the energy ratings of the windows they purchase, as well as the materials, including the glass, weather stripping and frame. Choosing the most energy efficient windows, like other products, ultimately means savings in heating and cooling costs for the homeowner.

And doors, too, can make a difference in a renovation or new build. Connors says he’s noticed that customers are choosing doors specific to a project.

“We are seeing consumers choosing garden doors as a replacement for sliding patio doors. We also see more interest in wanting to create a larger opening, if the overall space permits. For example, a single door might be removed and a new door complete with one or two sidelights is

Regardless of the project, the fact remains that today’s homeowners know much more about the products they are buying. And for those who do not, there are many more research options available to them.

If you are looking for more information on quality building products or energy-efficient options, begin your research with the Nova Scotia Home Builders’ Association to view their member directory of qualified retailers, manufacturers and installers. Visit or call 902-450-5554.

Suzanne Rent

Suzanne Rent

Suzanne Rent has been working as a freelance writer for the past 12 years. Her work has appeared in The Chronicle Herald, The Coast, the Daily News, National Review of Medicine and Lawyers Weekly. She also works as the editor of Ocean Resources/Earth Resources and Atlantic Boating News

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