Planning for the design of Built-ins

A great deal of planning goes into the design of built-ins. They are custom built for you, to suit your needs. Built-ins can include entertainment units, shelving, art niches, tub decks, window seats, fireplace mantles, wall beds, desks or special storage. Our Interior Designers will work with you to design these pieces to suit your requirements. We would prepare the working drawings and specify the materials used in construction to create a cabinet that is a reflection of your style.

Most homeowners will have a fireplace in their living room. Have you planned what yours will look like? If you envision built-ins around your fireplace, you will need to decide how much closed storage you would like, and would those cabinets contain organizers for cds, dvds or video games. The doors could be retractable so they are hidden when opened. The open shelves may house family photos, books, sculptures or artifacts. The spacing between shelves needs to accommodate their use. Lighting can really make a built-in come to life. Whether it is for feature or function, we would specify the proper light source and amount of light.  There may be glass doors with lighting inside. The exact model of the fireplace and television needs to be incorporated into the drawings, and all of the components. Speakers can be built-in in so they don’t have to sit on a shelf or the floor. Electrical and communications need to be wired into the proper locations with grommets or wire conduits taking the wires to the proper components inside the cabinets. This all needs to be planned during the framing stage of construction so that the wiring and electrical needs can be specified and installed in the right locations.

The finish of your built-ins could be hardwood in any color, paint, metals, tiles, glass or any number of new and creative textures. Combinations of these finishes can be used in tasteful designs. Built-ins could be traditional with large mouldings, or sleek and contemporary. Maybe the cabinetry will be designed to float on the wall, without going to the floor. The lighting may come from the ceiling above to highlight artwork or to illuminate the front of the shelving, storage or components.

Once you have made a list of the functions and features you require, call to have your built-ins designed by the experts.

Pam Tower is a Registered Interior Designer, owner of Tower Interiors, and has won numerous awards for her design projects.  She may be reached at 455-1544 or

Tower Interiors

Tower Interiors

Tower Interiors is a full service Interior Design company, offering services that include the development of the design concept, design and drafting of construction drawings,

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