Rooftight Homes for Real LifeHomes for Real Life.

This is the place where you and your family live your lives. These rooms deserve to be taken seriously. They deserve careful and loving attention to their details-the special touches that make you feel great when you walk in.

Our approach to home building is to work inside out. We start with the human beings who will live there. We understand them. And then we imagine how to help them do what they need to do. Every day, our spaces transform how you work, live, and feel. From start to finish, the Rooftight team will build a home that works for you. Since 1995 this is what people have come to expect from us and it is what you can expect as well.

As the only licensed Woman-Centric home builder in Canada at present, we build homes based on four maxims of livability: storage and convenience, entertaining spaces, flexible living spaces, and de-stressing areas.

We understand, too, that innovative, sensible home plans that appeal to both a woman’s sensitivities and practical needs create a living environment welcomed by both men and women. Products and amenities in a Rooftight home are evaluated through the filter of easy to clean or low maintenance, which gives you back more of your precious time. Home plans feature plenty of storage and organizational features, relaxation areas for de-stressing, places for formal and casual entertaining and flexible space to meet your changing needs.

It comes down to differentiation. As Woman-Centric home builders, we’re setting ourselves apart by taking all the Woman-Centric research and applying it to your entire home building experience. When you walk into one of our Woman-Centric homes, you will see the difference in design, products, materials and messaging. It is really IMAGINATION come to life.

Model Home and Design Centre
188 Aberdeen Drive
St. Andrews West
Fall River, NS

Thursday 1-4 PM
Saturday & Sunday 1-4 PM

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Our Editorial Staff

Our Editorial Staff

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