Truefoam Insulation

From its humble beginning in the late 1960s in Halifax to its present position as the leading manufacturer of insulation products in Atlantic Canada, Truefoam Limited has concentrated on the fundamentals necessary for success in the Atlantic Canada economy: innovation and service.  Through operational successes, quality products and continued ownership and employee commitment, Truefoam has become a leader in both of its EPS insulation and Styropack packaging product lines.

About EPS Insulation Products for the home:

Expanded polystyrene, or EPS for short, is a simple material with a unique combination of qualities. It offers high resistance to the passage of heat energy – it is a very effective insulator. It is also economical, offering high R-value per dollar.  EPS is cut and shaped to produce a variety of Truefoam sheet, board and panel products including Truewall, Truefit, Foundation Plus/Sheathing, Insulwall, and others. See the Truefoam website for more information on EPS Insulation.

Truefoam Limited
11 Mosher Drive
Burnside Industrial Park
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Canada, B3B 1L8

Ph: 902.468.5440

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Our Editorial Staff

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